Mrs. Ohlin 5th grade LA and SS

September :


We are focusing on the basic parts of speech and how they play a part in the sentence. Using that knowledge, we are working on writing meaningful sentences using powerful words and sentence beginnings.

We will be working on writing a personal narrative type scrap book titled: Me, Myself and I, using the sentence writing skills that we are working on now.

I will send more details as needed, but I will ask the students to find and save pictures and small items to include with the project.

We are now reading a short story in our Literature book. The students will be tested on their comprehension and vocabulary and some word analysis skills.

We will begin a novel, Steal Away Home soon. This story will tie in with what we are studying in SS.


Mrs. Strack and I have begun a basic introduction to the causes of the Civil War. We will be spending the next several weeks learning about many of the details to this topic. (names and battles and sites on the map)

Look in your child's Interactive Notebook to see and share some of the details and notes that he/she is taking. We are hoping that they are coming home and sharing with you as well [😁]

I am enjoying getting to know each of these precious children. It has been a pleasure and joy to be part of their lives and the Gracepoint team.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Alicia Ohlin

Gracepoint School Teacher

5th grade LA and SS