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Greek and Latin:

We are introducing the roots dyn, fort, and poten. They all mean power and strength. Example words are dynasty, fortress and potent. Please review your roots for at least 5 minutes each night. Its easy to review while driving to practice or to and from school.

5th Grade SOTW 4:

The kids did an amazing job on their inventor projects! We be reviewing the life of a slave, reviewing population, transportation and resources from the Civil War to 1900 and working on map skills.

World Geography 6th Grade:

We finished covering the United States and are ready to explore Canada! We will discover the geography, history, economics, environmental issues and NAFTA. Stay tuned for the excitement!!

World History 7th Grade: The boys conquered ancient India and now we move on to southeast Asia. We will explore the amazing geography of countries like China and Mongolia. They will compare and contrast the religions of the area and learn about the different governments. Economics and population distribution will be the topic of discussion at the dinner table- prepare!!