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What a Parent of a Dyslexic Child Wants Everyone to Know

Remember when your journey with dyslexia began?  Most of us spent a lot of time in that first year reading and networking, trying to understand this word "dyslexia" now attached to our child.  In the following article, writer Melissa McGlensey, a contributor to, gives 23 things parents of dyslexic children wish others knew.  
(The Mighty is a media company that publishes real stories of real lives in hopes of preventing people from feeling isolated when facing challenges by creating a community around them.)

Identifying Dyslexia

"Could my child be dyslexic?"  Many parents are faced with this question since it is estimated that 1 in 5 students are dyslexic learners.  It is very important for parents to be guided in the right direction when seeking resources to answer this question. The common myth is that a student with dyslexia will see things backwards and that any child who reverses numbers and letters is dyslexic.  The IDA (International Dyslexia Association) has a wealth of information on its website,, including a fact sheet for Dyslexia Assessment.  Click here for more information,  Dyslexia Assessment Fact Sheet

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