Faux Glass Blowing

GRACEPOINT students have been very excited about our latest art project. After learning about Dale Chihuly, the famous glass artist, the students used plastic cups and permanent markers to create their own faux glass piece. When their designs are completed, I melt the cups one at a time in a toaster oven set on broil. In a matter of seconds, the colorful cups begin to melt and change. Each child will have the opportunity to observe their own artwork while it melts. When all the students have completed their piece, we will create a Chihuly style group display.

It has been so fascinating that the students want to try it at home, too. I will include the materials, procedures, and pictures below. If you have the opportunity, take some time to learn more about Chihuly by looking at the many images and videos online of his work. Not only is his work interesting to see, but is inspiring at the same time. In the face of adversity and difficulty in his life, he did not give up. He continued his dream when others might have given up. http://www.chihuly.com

Faux Glass Blowing (with Adult Supervision!)

Chinet Cut Crystal Plastic cups (other kinds may work, too) - Permanent Markers - Metal or Glass pan lined with aluminum foil - Metal tongs - Metal butter knife - Oven set to BROIL (400 - 500 degrees).

  1. Color cup with colorful design. Color the bottom, too.

    2. Talk about the colors chosen. Are they cool? Warm? Complimentary?

    3. Place cup on foil lined pan. No more than two at a time.

    4. Place in oven with oven light on. Do not step away from the oven.

    5. When plastic begins to melt and fold in, take out of oven.

    6. If needed or desired, use tongs and butter knife to pull out the edges of the cup into a shape           you like.