January 17th-20th, 2017


We are working on vowel combinations /oa/ and /ai/.  I am very proud of the progress the students are making.  We will continue to practice using these patterns when reading/spelling words in isolation and in context.



We will continue completing daily warm-up word ladders and cursive writing practice. We will also begin a narrative writing project called "All About Me." This project will be an bibliographical essay and will contain a specific outline containing instructions and a rubric. This exercise should be both academically challenging and personally engaging as the students write about themselves and the things that matter most to them.  


We will continue to study the changes that our nation underwent during the early 1900s, specifically the influx of immigrants through Ellis Island. The unit will focus on the book "The Story of Ellis Island"- a non fiction historical text, and will conclude with a 1st person writing assignment.