Reading and Math - Week of August 22-26, 2016

Reading-  Last week, we reviewed ck, tch and dge with great success.  This week we are reviewing magic e and everyone is settling in well!  We have a great routine down for our OG Lesson time each day and I am so proud of each student and their adjustment to the new school year at GRACEPOINT! Continue to allow them to spend 30 minutes each evening for reading and to study their red words.


Pre-Algebra -

Last week we reviewed word problem set up, unit conversions, decimal addition/subtraction & multiplication/division, measurement and graph plots.  We began this week with Algebra vocabulary and with Order of Operations review.  I am proud of how each student is trying their best at some challenging concepts!


* Every week we will have homework nightly as well as a weekly IXL assignment

* To assess, there will be periodic quizzes (mostly to see if they understand concepts) and tests weekly or at least every other week

* Projects will be once or twice a semester



This week:

*Review Order of Operations, numeric expressions, algebraic expressions and properties of addition and multiplication within those expressions

*Vocab. Oral Quiz on Wed. Aug. 24th

*Quiz/Test on Fri. Aug. 26th over Order of Operations, writing numerical and algebraic expressions from verbal expressions and properties.


I will continue to move at the speed that the majority of class does.  I encourage any student to see me during my morning hours of 7:45am - 8:15am for extra help!