Ms. Dennis Reading Groups

1st Period

We are working on how to divide words that follow they VCV pattern: focus, bonus, tiger, before, even. We will stay on this skill set for the remainder of this week. Reading and spelling.

The kids should continue practicing their Learned Words and Reading for 20 mins (or 30 mins for Middle School).

2nd Period

We are continuing to work on strengthening the skill sets/concepts that they have had this school year: CVC; c vs. k; Magic E; FLOSS; -ck; -tch. Today we reviewed how to spell the /k/ sound: c, k, or -ck. We will continue the review for the remainder of this week.

*I cannot believe that Thanksgiving break is so close! I look forward to seeing you at our Thanksgiving Feast on Friday!!*

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Donna Dennis