The Week of Veterans Day

Reading: We are learning words that use the soft c. The letter c makes the sound /s/ when i, e, or y comes after it. Example words include race, cent, cinch, and fence.

Math: We have spent the week working on subtraction up to 3 digits, with and without borrowing! Students have learned the following rhyme to determine when to borrow: "More on the top, no need to stop! More on the floor, go next door and borrow 10 more. If the number's the same, zero's the game!" We continue to practice our multiplication facts daily!

Language Arts: We continue our study of Shiloh, and have read through chapter 4. In centers, we are practicing cursive, vocabulary words, phonics concepts, and punctuation. Tuesday we spent time learning about Veterans Day to prepare us for our trip to the Marietta Veterans Day Parade. It was a blast, and our students showed great appreciation to our veterans.

Social Studies and Science: We continue to learn about the 13 original colonies and how life differed within each region. We have covered cloud types, weather fronts, meteorology, and weather tools in our weather unit. Science Project Due November 19: Students have a project to collect information about one of the weather instruments that we have discussed. They will put the information on a paper cube that we will use to review by rolling the "dice" and guessing the instrument from the information on different sides.

Coming Up! Thursday, November 19-In-school field trip with High Touch High Tech Friday, November 20-Thanksgiving Celebration and Early Release! I look forward to seeing you all again!