Division and Paragraphs Galore!

Reading: This week our class will continue to review words with the V/CV syllable division pattern such as tulip (tu/lip), tripod (tri/pod), and feline (fe/line). We will then begin reading words with unchanging base words and the suffixes -s, -ing, -ly, -ful, -ness, and -ment. Example words include bakes, stacking, quickly, hopeful, and figment. As your child reads these words, ask them to chop off the suffix to first sound out the base word!

Math: Last week our class worked on multiplying 3 and 4-digit numbers by a 1-digit number using the partial products strategy. We reviewed multi-digit subtraction and decomposing fractions.

This week, we are practicing division and learning about remainders. We are working with manipulatives and exploring different models such as arrays to represent division.

Math Challenge: Each student has the opportunity to earn 5 house points by memorizing their multiplication songs, 2's through 8's. Help your child practice these nightly!

Language Arts: Last week our class learned the structure of a 3 Point Paragraph and began writing on the topic: "The Best Pet Is a _." We had typical pets, a panda, and even a T-Rex make an appearance! It is wonderful seeing each student's creativity as they form their ideas. We are continuing this writing assignment this week and working towards our final drafts.

Social Studies/Science: In Social Studies, we enjoyed a visit from the Atlanta History Museum on Thursday. Students were able to see and see a powder horn, hold a brick of tea, and see what it was like to get dressed in colonial attire! We are continuing our study of the Revolutionary War this week. We have covered Newton's First Law in science, and have completed three experiments to see different forces impacting motion.