Tell Me Something Good

“Tell Me Something Good”

An amazing activity takes place each Friday afternoon after our students are packed up and ready to go home. We take a few moments to focus on the good that happened during the week. I ask each student to think about the week and tell me something good that happened. Each week I wait expectantly to see what the students will say. Sometimes they share the good results from a test or project they have completed during the week, others will celebrate a favorite activity that one of our creative GRACEPOINT staff members has planned, and other students will compliment a friend for an accomplishment. This week we celebrated quality products that a few of our students completed, we thanked some of our staff members for lessons or projects that were fun, we gave a shout out to the fantastic GRACEPOINT parents who planned and helped with our fleece blanket Service in Action Project and one student shared that he thought it was good that we can be saved by knowing Jesus!  Psalm 13:6 says, “I will sing the Lord’s praise, for He has been good to me!” I encourage you and your family to take time this month to reflect on the good and offer praise and thanksgiving to God!