K9 Pup and Cursive Begins!

Dear Parents,

This week we broke into our 5 math groups and began working on our Place Value Unit.

In Language Arts we learned about Maggie, a "contrary" third grader who didn't want to learn cursive!

We began our cursive in a fun way...strengthening our fingers with the "Snap-it" game! (See the photo on my Blog page).

I hope on the nights when they bring home their Muggie Maggie binders you will have a good time reviewing the vocabulary and using some of these words in your conversations!

We have made it easier to review Social Studies by putting it in the back of the Muggie Maggie binder...one notebook to carry home in the already heavy book bags!

Jane Martin, our K9 volunteer came on Thursday, bringing "Tatter-tot" one of her 3 K9 assistant pups.

She will be back on September 8 for their first official reading! (See photo on my Bog page).

If you haven't signed up with Sign Up Genius to be a Mystery Reader, please do so this weekend!

We have a few more slots to fill, including this Thursday!

Thank you for all your support!

Janice Youmans

3rd grade Teacher

Gracepoint School

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