Reading Week of 11/28/16

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving break! It was nice to spend some time with family and rest a little, but I have loved being back with the students this week. They always bring a smile to my face and brighten my day. :)

We are continuing to work on Wild Old Words and have now introduced all five of the patterns – ild, ind, old, olt, and ost. These are considered “rulebreakers” since they are closed syllables but the vowels make a long sound. Typically, closed syllables have a short vowel, like in the word cat. Here are the keywords for your reference:

Wild Old Words

ild, wild, /īld/

ind, kind, /īnd/ (We have talked about how wind can be read with both a short and long vowel sound and the different meanings of these words.)

old, cold, /ōld/

olt, colt, /ōlt/

ost, host, /ōst/ (We have talked about how cost and lost both have ost but are not rulebreakers since they have short vowel sounds.)

I hope this helps as you work with your children at home. Hopefully, they are enjoying their new story about Bolt the Wild Colt!

A couple of red word rings are missing again. If you could check the bottoms of backpacks and return them in the red homework folders, that would be wonderful! Thank you!