Language Arts Week of 1/30/17

This week we are continuing our study of prepositions and will be focusing on how prepositions, objects of the preposition, and prepositional phrases work within sentences by adding them to our Question and Answer Flow. We will have a quiz on this next week and will add the date to the students' agendas once it's scheduled. 

We are also continuing to work on our narrative stories. The students have been busy writing their introductory paragraphs with hooks to capture the reader's attention, a clear point of view, detailed descriptions of their snowmen, and inciting incidents that set their stories into motion. It's been fun to hear what they have so far! If your child has chosen to type his or her story, I have asked that they bring in a flash drive to save it to. That way if the laptop they are using decides it's not going to work properly or someone else has it, they can still continue working. :-) 

I told the students that I will not be at school this Thursday and Friday. My grandmother passed away so I will be traveling to attend her memorial service. I will leave detailed plans for the sub that will include time for the students to work on their narratives. 

I am looking forward to a wonderful week!