Language Arts Week of 2/13/16

Happy Valentine's Day!

This week in grammar we are learning our sixth part of speech, conjunctions, and how they work in sentences to form compound subjects and predicates. This will also set the stage for us to talk about compound sentences after the break and tackle those pesky run-on sentences. ;-)

We are in the revising stage of our narratives and are really breaking down the revision process step-by-step. Monday, we did a lesson on showing versus telling and discussed how good writers show how a character is feeling instead of simple telling. We wrote examples on a chart and then the students found a telling sentence in their narratives and revised it into a showing sentence. Today, we discussed vivid verbs and added a page to our interactive notebooks with alternatives to "boring words" like ran and said. Tomorrow, we will go back into our stories and switch our these boring, overused verbs for more vivid ones that paint a picture. The next step will be adding in some figurative language. While using sensory language is not natural for the students, it will certainly help them develop into more effective writers.

I hope you all enjoy the extra long weekend!