Reading Week of 3/22/17

It was so nice to meet with you all at conferences Monday and Tuesday. I continue to be so grateful for your support from home. Thank you for entrusting your children to us everyday! 

Here is what we are working on this short week:

Skill: Review VCCCV Syllable Division (aka "Ostrich" Rule)

When you encounter a word with three consecutive consonants, look for a blend or digraph to determine if you should divide after the first or second consonant.





We are continuing to work on VCCCV words. A new story, "A Complex Problem," is coming home today in your child's folder. Please practice reading it through each night and continue to work on those red words. 

In your child's Thursday folder, I am including a step-by-step guide to syllabication. Hopefully, it will make your child's syllabication pages that come home look a little less crazy. :-) Please remember that it is okay if your child did not complete all the words on the page. Different students work at different paces, and some days we have less time than others. You may certainly have your child practice syllabicating and reading the words at home for additional practice if you'd like to.