Language Arts Week of 4/24/17


Read 30 minutes each night - 150 minutes by Monday, May 1st 

***The students still need to log the date, title of book read, pages, and minutes in their journals. 

Keyboarding Without Tears Week 8 - Due Monday, May 5th (Please let me know if your child has had any difficulty using Keyboarding Without Tears at home that may have delayed their progress.)

Additional homework will be assigned throughout the course of our novel study and recorded in the students' agendas.  


Focus: Simple Sentences, Fragments, Run-Ons, and Compound Parts


Focus: Novel Study

Number the Stars Quiz 1 over Chapters 1-4 - Wednesday, April 26th

I have divided the 17 chapters of the novel into four sections, and we will have a quiz over each section. Our first quiz is this Wednesday and future quiz dates will be on a weekly basis and recorded in your child's agenda. Quizzes will be based on assigned reading, class discussion, and classwork/homework (comprehension questions, character charts, and vocabulary charts) for each chapter. Each student has a blue folder specifically designated for the novel that contains these items. Students are encouraged to use their books on the quizzes.