Science Blog Week of January 9, 2017


Since our Teacher Blogs have been out of commission due to upgrades, here is a quick update.


Hello All, I hope all of you enjoyed our snow/mostly ice event. I also hope each student brought home their Snow Paper. Please read the directions and store the black paperin the baggie provided and in the freezer. In addition, I hope your child shared our S.T.E.A.M. Survival Challenge this past week as we welcomed in the new year at GRACEPOINT. We had a marvelous time working as a team developing our survival challenge.


Green Notebooks will be sent home tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11 with all students. They will be due this Friday, January 13. Please sign in the space highlighted with light green marker. This Notebook Check will be included in the 3rd Nine Weeks. Thank you.


Report Card Skillsets for Science

I would like to explain how I arrive at the Skillsets' ratings for Understand Concepts, Prepared for Class, Utilizes Critical Thinking, and Remains on Task. I refer to the data/work in each student's Green Notebooks/Behavior Sheets for my decisions.


1. Students who receive an M, Meets Requirements, for Being Prepared, no late work and/or missing signatures, agenda in every science class and a 100 for all Notebook/Journal Checks including a 4 in Prepared every science class day. Students will receive a P if there are any Prepared rating less than a 4, late work, missing agendas and/or signatures,  or behavior sheets in class.


2. Many students have grown in their Critical Thinking and are able to verbally explain their reasoning, thus receiving an M. If a student is still practicing, then he/she received a P.


3. To receive a M in Remains on Task, a student must have a 4 in every category on the behavior sheet pertaining to general classroom behavior. All the specified behaviors relate to being an avid and productive learner.


4. In Understanding Concepts, most students are still Progressing, receiving a P with rare exception. The year is still young.


5. As a practice, I do not give an O until the last grading period. This is for exemplary skills.


As you may notice, your child's skillset grades may fluctuate each term as the classwork and concepts vary, increasing in difficulty and critical thinking. I realize that this may seems a bit confusing, but I wanted to try to explain my rationale for the ratings. I rate every GRACEPOINT student in all four areas each grading period. Therefore, I need to be fair andconsistent while establishing solid work habits. Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter.


PROJECT UPDATE: I will inform you as to the project due date and test. Each class needs lessons to be taught prior to the test. Thank you for your patience with this. Obviously, the schedule has not been our comrade concerning this. If your child has finished his/her project, please have him/her study the words/definitions/examples nightly.


Academics this week and next week:


8th Grade will delve deeper into understanding the types of energy, energy transfer, and the Law of Energy Conservation.


All other grade levels will complete the Survival Challenge Reflection. These may or may not take two class periods. If the Reflection is completed this week, then the following activities will proceed.


7th Grade will wrap up Populations and Communities. They will begin Biomes, Ecosystems, and Relationships Among Organisms.


6th Grade will begin exploring the properties of minerals beginning with Hardness Testing.


 5th Grade will begin labs on Earthquakes and researching the Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes in History.


4th Grade will finish collecting the data from the previous Ten Day Forecast and drawing conclusions about the data. They will delve into the Water Cycle as they experience Project Wet's Incredible Journey.


3rd Grade will begin their experience with the properties of minerals.


1st/2nd Grade will begin a long term study on the Berry College Bald Eagles. A letter of explanation will go home tomorrow, Wednesday, January 11. We will be observing the Eagle Cam each week. We will delve into the Life Cycle of Owls and Birds of Prey.


Once again, thank you for allowing me to partner with your child in learning. Blessings!




Julia Burns, Ed.S


Chapel Coordinator



Philippians 4:13