Science Blog Week March 22-24, 2017

Science Blog Week March 22-24, 2017

Hope your long weekend was restful!

Conferences’ Update: Thank you making these Spring Conference days so wonderful, meaningful, and productive. We appreciate you taking the time to join us as well celebrate your child’s progress as well as developing a plan for future successes. It was amazing!

This week will be a short week. Wednesday-Friday will be on regular schedule. This week will be an A Week. Therefore, 6th and 5A will meet Wednesday and Friday and 7th and 5B will meet Thursday. All other classes will meet on their regular days.

GREEN NOTEBOOKS: All Green Notebooks will go home tomorrow, Wednesday, March 22 and are due in by Friday, March 24. I added any remaining grades left for the quarter.

Work Habits/Skillsets on Report Cards: I am giving an N in Being Prepared to those students who frequently do not get their Behavior Sheet signed (50% or more), fail to turn in notebooks or work on time, as well as do not do assigned homework. At the beginning of this quarter, I explained to all students that this might occur. An N represents Needs Improvement so that these students can improve their preparedness for each school day.

Weekly Assignments and Vocabulary and Research Projects

1st/2nd: Wednesday we will have extra science to continue our study of owls and making an observation of the Berry College Eagle Cam. All of our observations will be complied into a Berry College Eagle Observation booklet. The eaglets are changing rapidly. Please take time to view the cam at home.

3rd: We have completed our investigation of minerals.  Thursday, we will review minerals. Our Partner Test will be Tuesday, March 28. This test reviews the testing process and outcomes of testing. They will be ble to use their notes for certain sections of the test.

4th: Thursday, we will participate in the Project Wet Incredible Journey. Depending on the time, they will continue to work on their Water Drop puppets. There is a writing assignment connected to this project.

5th: We will continue studying Plate Boundaries. Our Graham Cracker Plate Boundaries’ Lab will begin in the next few classes. Due to the Middle School foeldtrip, the lab may have to be postponed until after Spring Break. We have been watching the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program link on the Latest Earthquakes. This is a fascinating website. Here is the link. You might want to check it out.           

6th: We will continue our study of igneous rocks. On Friday, March 24, the Igneous Rock Vocabulary Project will be due and we will take our Partner vocabulary test.

7th: We will complete a study on Matter and Energy in Ecosystems: Abiotic and Biotic.

8th: We will continue our study on molecules and atoms. Right now, we are designing a research presentation on the scientists that were instrumental in the Atomic Theory and the atom, as we prepare to make a cross-curricular connection to the Atomic Bomb of WWII. Each student will be developing a lesson on their aspect of the Atomic Bomb to be taught in another class.

Mrs. BurnsThe secret message/code this week is fortitude.

Come and have your child tell me the secret message/code to have your child’s name put into a drawing. Up to this point, no one has brought me the secret word.