Science Blog Week March 6-10, 2017

Science Blog Week March 6-10, 2017

Hope your weekend was amazing! This week will be a normal week with my science classes. It will be an A Week. Therefore, 6th and 5A will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and 7th and 5B will meet Tuesday and Thursday. All other classes will meet on their regular days. Yippee!

Weekly Assignments and Vocabulary and Research Projects

1st/2nd: Monday, continue working with a Circle Map of information about owls. Transfer the information onto a Tree Map for a writing lesson. Read Owl Babies. Wednesday. Make an observation of the Berry College Eagle Cam. All of our observations will be complied into a Berry College Eagle Observation booklet.

3rd: Tuesday, HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT is due! Add information from homework onto Circle Map about Mineral Uses. Begin exploration on Luster of Minerals and maybe Streak Testing. Thursday will be a continuation of Tuesday.  

4th: Tuesday, we will complete the remaining project presentations.  They will bring their Water Cycle Flipbooks home for homework if needed. These will due completed by Thursday, March 9. They will also need to study for their Water Cycle Vocabulary Test on Thursday, March 9. This will be a Partner Test.

5th: Will begin a closer look at faults prior to beginning the Graham Cracker Plate Boundaries’ Labs, finally. The tsunami reports were amazing and very interesting. We have been watching the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program link on the Latest Earthquakes. This is a fascinating website. Here is the link. You might want to check it out.

6th: We will start the week by taking a pretest on Rocks. Then, we will jump into exploration of igneous rocks.

7th: Part 1 of the Vocabulary Test will be Tuesday and Part 2 will be Tuesday. Upon completion, we will begin Energy in Ecosystems with Food Chains and Food Webs.

8th: We will begin Simple Machines.

Green Notebooks will go home this week. Monday, 6th and 8th will bring theirs home. They will be due Tuesday or Wednesday, March 7-8. 3rd and 5th will bring their home later this week with a one day turn around. 7th and 4th will bring theirs home after the vocabulary test are completed. This is the end of a grading period so I will need all notebooks asap.

Mrs. Burns

The secret message/code this week is huff or huffing.

Come and have your child tell me the secret message/code to have your child’s name put into a drawing.


A Special note; We have had numerous absences over this semester When students are absent, we are unable to cover new material. Please make every effort for your child to be at school. We are winding down this quarter and there is still more to cover. In the next two weeks, we will have more students absent during this critical time.  Thank you for understanding.