Week of 10/17-10/21

I look forward meeting with all of you during upcoming conferences! I am excited to brag on your amazing children!


Last week we finished up our unit on ratios and rates. This week we begin our unit on fractions, decimals, and percents. At the end of this week, ask them to teach you our song about converting decimals to percents and vice versa.


This week we will spend the first three days reviewing ratios and proportional reasoning by playing several review games. They will have their assessment on Thursday over this unit. Their homework will be on ixl this week. Please sit with them and have them explain what they're working on to you. The more they can verbally explain it to someone else, the more it sticks in their brains!


We will be diving into expressions this week! This will help us build a firm foundation for algebra. On Tuesday we will be learning how to simplify algebraic expressions using algebra tiles. Ask them to explain how we use these tiles to solve these problems. We will start with the concrete tiles and move to the abstract problems!