Week of 10/11-10/21


This week we are finishing up our unit on ratios and rates. We are going to review using prices from real stores using their circulars! We will also play Kahoot in Thursday! Ask them to tell you all about it! They will take their test on Friday. This will be the final day of the 1st quarter.


We are about halfway through our unit on Ratios and Proportional reasoning. This unit has many concepts, so we are taking our time to make sure we really understand the concepts. This week we will learn about constant rates of change, slope, and direct variation. We will review Mon-Wed of next week by playing review games and take the test on Thursday.


We just finished our unit on Operations with Rational Numbers. They've practiced converting fractions to decimals, comparing fractions and decimals, and all operations with fractions. We will play a Kahoot review game on Thursday and take the test on Friday.