Week of 5/1-5/5


This week we will continue to enrich and review. Today we are learning several divisibility rules that will help us when simplifying fractions. Tuesday we will work on memorizing the key words in word problems that help us know which operation is needed. Wednesday we will be completing a puzzle that will require our knowledge of all operations with positive and negative integers. On Thursday, they will work on a puzzle to review all operations with fractions and mixed numbers. On Friday, we will play MATH-O (BINGO) to review all of the concepts from the week. This week their homework will be on IXL. Please make sure they are logged in so I can check their work.


On Friday of last week we started learning about statistics. This week we will work on making predictions with data, unbiased/biased samples, misleading graphs, choosing an appropriate display, and comparing populations. We will play a review game on Friday and Monday then take the test next Tuesday. We are also constantly reviewing everything we have learned this year using our review notebooks at the beginning of class.


This week we will be diving deep into our unit on Real Numbers and Right Triangles. We will be working on squares and square roots, the real numbers system, triangles, the Pythagorean theorem, the distance formula, and special right triangles. We will review on Friday and have a test on Monday.