Weekly Blog: August 22-26

This past week...

I am checking their notes in the Reading Response Journals and making suggestions for improvement when needed.

  • Daily cursive writing practice

  • Grammar: We reviewed nouns (common/proper and concrete/abstract). The students practiced identifying/sorting words into categories (noun, verb, or adjective).

  • Literature: We read the first part of "Lessons in Baseball," and each student made a prediction before we read the ending. Everyone participated in discussions about the meaning of "character" and "integrity."

  • Writing: After discussion, the students answered questions about the story. Then we worked on restating the question and answering with a complete sentence.

The class will have a test on NOUNS this coming Thursday. I will send home a study sheet on Monday. It is mostly review-before delving more into the other parts of speech.

(They will not be required to write the in-class Friday "Friendly Letter" until we have had sufficient practice as a class.)

Martha Barfield