We are learning more about the "open syllable" and reading words combining the open syllable with a closed syllable and a silent e syllable. Some example words include rebate, skyline, and defrost.


During our math time together we have just begun Unit 3 in Everyday Math. We look forward to more practice with our multiplication and division facts and applying the things we learn to our every day life!

Language Arts:

We are reading "The Snowflake: A Water Cycle Story" to tie into our Science unit. As we read, we are learning new vocabulary words, studying the genre of narrative nonfiction (a nonfiction story told like a story), and practicing sequencing.

Social Studies and Science:

We are studying European Explorers in History, focusing on Henry Hudson this week. The students are working hard creating an interactive notebook with information about each explorer. During science we are learning more about the water cycle!