Looking forward to Grandparent's Day!


During our reading time together we have just begun to learn more about the vowels, A and I in an unaccented syllable! The students are making great progress! They always impress me with their ability to read and spell these very challenging words!


We will have an assessment over the information presented in Unit 3 of Everyday Math soon. My goal is to finish up with Unit 3 and review this week and have an assessment early next week. We will be reviewing in class together before the assessment.

Language Arts:

We are finishing up the story, "The Earth Dragon Awakes" and will have an assessment over the story by the end of this week. You can help your student be most prepared by allowing them to reread and listen to the story via Learning Ally. We have enjoyed learning more about what a Historical Fiction story is like.

Social Studies and Science:

During History we have completed our unit over the European Explorers and have just introduced a unit learning more about the Thirteen Original Colonies! During our time together in Science, we are beginning to study weather!!

I am looking forward to celebrating Grandparent's Day here at school this Friday!!