It is not too late to get your 2021 Tax Credit!

Remarkably, GOAL became law in 2008, as our nation was entering the Great Recession. Nationally, private school enrollment fell by 12% between 2008 and 2017. Private school enrollment in Georgia fell by only 0.4% (or four tenths of one percent) during this period. GOAL most certainly helped to ease the negative impact for Georgia independent schools at that time, and may also help us weather the current COVID-19 crisis, by continuing to provide essential financial aid and keeping our enrollment numbers strong.

Such a simple word, with profound connotation, fundamental means: important, central, essential, vital, ultimate – which describes the value of your GOAL participation for our school community. You are essential in allowing our school to admit deserving students through GOAL tuition assistance, thereby enhancing the quality of GRACEPOINT through increased enrollment, financial well-being, and continuously improved offerings.


Please take a moment to apply for your 2021 GOAL tax credit by completing the 20-second online application process at GOAL will take care of all remaining steps in the process until your contribution is due within 60 days following approval by the Georgia Department of Revenue.


We thank you in advance for the fundamental difference you can make through this program!


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