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Mrs. Test's Blog

Kim Test serves as a third grade teacher at GRACEPOINT School. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of West Georgia, her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Kennesaw State University, and her Specialist degree in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University. She is trained in Orton-Gillingham. 

Prior to GRACEPOINT, she taught in Cobb County Public Schools for 17 years. Her experience includes prekindergarten, kindergarten, first, and second grade. She is a native of Cobb County and lives in west Cobb with her husband Brandon, her six-year-old son Harrison, and her four-year-old daughter Navie. 

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and traveling to the beach. She is a Georgia Bulldog fan and attends Cross Pointe Church in Duluth.




Recent Posts

Jan. 15th - Week

Dear Parents,
We finished our first week of 2019! Your child was asked on Friday to come up with a "Word of the Year" to focus on. Please ask them what they chose! 
This week looks like this:
Language Arts: We will begin learning and reviewing Verb Tenses for the next 2 weeks. This will help in our sentence & paragraph writings.
Writer's Workshop: We will continue to work on Opinion vs Facts in our Informative writings. We will begin talking about a new project, stay tuned for a little help from home on that one!
Math: We will begin x9 multiplication and division facts this week! Please look for index cards to come home to practice these facts, as before.
Social Studies: We will continue with the colonies, focusing on the New England region. Look for their binders to come home this week to review and study for a SWYK on Friday.
My Reading Group: We will begin a new syllabication rule - VC-CCV 
FYI: Please take note of the upcoming GP Gala and begin purchasing your tickets. The third grade teachers are coming up with some 'magical' ideas for a basket to auction off for our child's enjoyment!!

Happy New Year!! 2019!!

I hope you all have a blessed and relaxing Christmas Break! 
We had a wonderful Christmas party - Thanks to the wonderful parents who volunteered! 
I have added an album from our Varsity Trip and Christmas Party! - Please check them out!
We will be diving right into the New Year with the following:
Language Arts - We will begin a new comprehension story in our Imagine It books - One Small Place In a Tree. The genre of this story is expository and will tie in well with our new genre of writing. 
Writing - New genre of Informational Writing
Math - New concepts - Multiples of 0 and 1's. Review multiples of 2's, 5's, and 10's. 
Reading - Review of -nk, -tch, magic e, VCCV syllabication. 
Social Studies - We will begin studying about the 13 colonies and comparing the New England Colonies, Mid-Atlantic Colonies, and Southern Colonies. This week we will be focusing on Colonization and the New England Colonies. 

Week of December 17th

I can't believe it is the last week of school for this year!

I know the atmosphere will be jolly...and perhaps distracted, and rightly so as we all plan, prepare, and anticipate a fun holiday season with family and friends!
But, as I'm accustomed to doing, here is a sneak peek at our week...

Language Arts & Writing: we will be reading a fun holiday story about Olive the reindeer and writing sentences with prepositions as well as a story of our own! Be on the look out for their snow stories to come home this week, you may wish to hang them on your tree!

Math: We will apply the multiplication x10 to money facts and word problems this week.

Social Studies: No need to study this week, our explorers are complete. After a visit last week by a former pilgrim (Tattling Tales Production Cathy Kaemmerlen), we will wait to the New Year to begin studying the thirteen colonies!

My Reading group: We will continue to review and spell words that have the  -nk ending. 

Wednesday we will be having a Pom Pom party for filling up our jar of compliments and brain explosions! Look for details coming home on Tuesday.

Friday is a half day, with a Christmas party, planned by the room moms of 1-3rd grade. Dismissal will be at noon.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Week of December 10th

As you can see, we had a great experience with Tattling Tales Production learning about Hernando Desoto! This week: Social Studies; You will be seeing Desoto's story coming home to review before the test on Tuesday, (earlier than usual.) Math: We will continue with multiplication x10 the Woodin Math way! Language Arts, we will review Desoto during part of this time and continue with prepositional phrases. Writer's Workshop: We will be starting a new narrative, based on those warm winter clothes they wore to school last week! My Reading Group: morphology and -nk spelling rules. Please stayed alert to emails from 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade room moms about the upcoming combined Christmas party on Friday 21st 10:30-11:45. Thank you for your continual support, teaching your child is the joy of my week!!

Week of Dec. 3

Welcome December 2018!

Here's how our week looks;

Writer's Workshop: Your child has already started writing their favorite things about December, as we continue to practice paragraph writing.
Language Arts: this week we will review prepositions and write holiday sentences with prepositional phrases. You may see a little homework come home to review with your child, and a small SWYK on Friday.
Math: We will continue to practice x5 facts. We are also relating this to telling the time by the five minutes. As the weather changed last week, we were able to go out and jump our facts!
Social Studies: We will continue learning about DeSoto, as Tattling Tale Productions comes on Wednesday with a visit from Hernando DeSoto.
My Reading Group: we will continue to practice the Reptile Rule and introduce -nk 
The K9 pup comes this Thursday! Please help your child pick a story passage and practice it for fluency!

Be watching for info to come your way from room moms about how you can help with our Holiday party!

Week of Nov. 12

Thank you, parents, for making the time to conference with each of your child’s teachers.

Now on to Trimester 2!

This week:
Language Art: we will begin writing a narrative about our past Thanksgiving times after hearing a few sweet stories based on Thanksgiving themes. (watch for a few Thanksgiving riddles to come home at the end of the week!)

Math Groups: we will continue with multiplication and division facts and introducing area. 

Social Studies: we will finish up reviewing John Cabot the explorer (watch for homework to come home to reread the passage.) SWYK will be Thursday.

My Reading group: working on one closed syllable and one magic e syllable. VC/CVCe.

Other GP news:
New Date! Fall Family Feast & Festival-Friday, Nov. 16, 10am
New Date! School Yearbook Pictures Nov. 13 & 15

Our photographer will be here Nov.13 & 15 for individual and class pictures. Lower School- Tuesday, Nov. 13 Middle School-Thursday, Nov. 15

Wilhelmina is turning 50!
Wilhelmina, our faithful morphology expert, is turning 50! When asked what she would like for her birthday, she responded that the best gift every would be for every family at GRACEPOINT to give to the Annual Fund GROW Campaign!
Annual Fund Participation Contests!
It is our hope that EVERY family at GRACEPOINT will participate in our Annual Fund GROW Campaign! No matter the size of the gift, EVERY gift counts and makes a difference. Read more about our contests!

Fall Festival NEXT Friday!

Our Fall Festival is postponed to Friday, Nov. 16 and will be combined with our Thanksgiving Feast! Please read ALL details on website!

Tomorrow wear your Navy Spirit Shirt!
Lunch is Moe's!
New Date! Fall Family Feast & Festival-Friday, Nov. 16, 10am

Next Friday, Nov. 16th at 10am, we are scheduled to have our Annual Thanksgiving Feast. In the past at this event, there has been a performance by the children, followed by a potluck lunch. Since our Fall Festival scheduled for tomorrow evening has been rained out, we have decided to combine the Feast with the Festival.


What will this look like?

This will be an outdoor event from 10am-12:30pm. There will be a performance by the students, carnival games, music, bake sale, AND a grand entrance by Wilhelmina.

We will NOT have our normal potluck lunch. We will “feast” together on BBQ sandwiches, hotdogs, and pizza.

Tickets for food items, raffles, cake walk and pie in the face are on sale now at the front desk and can also be purchased the day of the event. They are $1 per ticket or $20 for 25 tickets.

BBQ Sandwich 4 tickets Hotdog 2 tickets
Slice of Pizza 2 tickets Bag of Chips 1 ticket
Soft Drink/Water 1 ticket Baked Goods 1-2 tickets
(priced individually)
Raffles 1 ticket per entry
Smores Pack 1 ticket
Cake Walk 2 tickets
Pet Costume Contest 2 tickets
Pie in the Face 1 ticket per entry
Dancing, Carnival Games & Face Painting FREE!

There will be a bake sale and a cake walk to celebrate Wilhelmina’s birthday.

Carnival games and dancing are FREE!

Sign up to Volunteer, bring items for the bake sale, and/or enter the pet costume contest!

Things you need to know for next Friday.

Students arrive by our normal start time, 8:15am.

Students should wear jeans, plaid/flannel shirts, boots, etc. (western wear)

Parents should arrive by 10am, and we would love for you to also dress in western wear if you like!

Please bring your lawn chairs and jackets and get ready for a FABULOUS time!

The kids had a great day for Book Character Day!  All there costumes were so great and they shared their books with the class. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you either Monday or Tuesday for conferences. Since this is a short week we will continue to focus on:
Reading - ct / and VCCVe syllabication
Math - Multiplication w/ 2 and 5
Writing - Narrative Stories
S.S. - Early Explorers / Cabot
ELA - Parts of Speech / Complete Sentences / Story
There are a lot of upcoming events coming up:
News and Announcements - Go to the school website for more info.

Volunteers Needed-Fall Family Festival-Friday, Nov. 9
We are so very excited for our first annual Fall Festival! Please join us for an evening of fellowship and fun! Wear your blue jeans and flannel shirts and join us from 5:30-8:30! There will be games, a DJ, pet costume contest, a cake walk to celebrate Wilhelmina's 50th Birthday and more! Volunteer opportunities are below.

Link the GRACEPOINT Calendar to your phone!
An easy way to keep up with what's happening at GRACEPOINT is to subscribe to our calendar!

School Yearbook Pictures Nov. 7
Our photographer will be here Nov. 7 & 8 for individual and class pictures. Lower School- Wednesday, Nov. 7

Support GRACEPOINT when you shop at Kroger!
You can support GRACEPOINT just by using your Kroger Plus Card (or entering your phone number) at checkout! Just make sure your card is linked to GRACEPOINT. 
Thanksgiving Feast will be held on the 16th - More info. on times will be coming soon. 

This week:

Wasn't Grandparents Day the best ever! No teacher had a dry eye after hearing them sing ...and that was during rehearsal! I loved seeing your child read their "Knock, Knock Joke" card to their Grandparents and special friends! 

This week will be short again and contains some fun and special moments: please read the following:
Language Arts: SWYK on Adverbs on Tuesday
Social Studies: Please review the Explorer and Columbus for the SWYK on Thursday.
Math: We will continue multiplication concepts.
My Reading Class: We will be doing a SWYK for red words and reviewing the -tch skill. 

Shh! Don't tell, we are aiming at having a "Pom, Pom" celebration on Thursday afternoon. Their jar is almost full of pom poms, and I'm sure they will need a chance to chill by then. No prep on your part is needed, this time.

Wednesday & Thursday are LATE start days: 9:15 am.
Friday is a half day for teachers to prepare for conferences.
I look forward to seeing you at your conference, Monday or Tuesday
November 5 or 6.

This will be a short week with Grandparent's Day on Friday. Don't forget it is an early dismissal!
This will be a short week with Grandparent's Day on Friday. Don't forget it is an early dismissal!

In Language Arts this week, we will continue with Parts of Speech; Adverbs!
In Writer's Workshop, we will continue with Mrs. Ransom in writing our narratives.

In Math, we will begin multiplication with x2 The Woodin Math way. This type of Math was designed by Mr. Woodin in helping dyslexic students with their understanding of multiplication and division.
In Social Studies, we will continue with the Explorers and Christopher Columbus. The test will need to be next week, due to Grandparents' Day on Friday.

Be thinking of Book Character Day on October 31. Your child may wear a costume to match a character in a book that day, we will parade through the school and have a show and tell amongst the third graders. Please allow them to bring their books with them to show their character.

The K9 pup is scheduled to come this Thursday! (Please help your child choose a reading passage from their blue reading folder to read to the pup!)

News & Announcements:

Check out all the important dates coming up at GRACEPOINT!
Here are just a few you will find on the site above:

Upcoming Events
Parent U-Behind the Scenes of Magical Morphology!
Date: 10/16/2018
Time: 8:30 AM – 10 AM
Location: Location TBA

Dyslexia Dash 2018!
Date: 10/20/2018
Time: 8:30 AM – 12 PM

Grandparents' & Special Friends' Day
Date: 10/26/2018

"Understanding Dyslexia" with Brenda Fitzgerald
Date: 10/29/2018
Time: 6:30 PM – 8 PM
Location: Hipp Hall at GRACEPOINT

Book Character Day!
Date: 10/31/2018
It finally feels like FALL! :)
Next Week Agenda - 
ELA - We will start a new literacy story : Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong.
We will be reviewing new vocabulary and comprehension skills.
Math - We will begin the concept of multiplication using arrays. We will also be measuring and graphing data. 
Reading - We are continuing to work on ALL previous skills with our new concept of -ng (-ong, -ing, -ung, -ong) 
Social Studies - We will begin our standard of 'The Age of Explorers' and 'Christopher Columbus'.

The kids had an amazing field trip to the Funk Heritage Museum yesterday.  If your child has not told you all about it yet - please ask them about it. 
A special 'Thank You'  to Mrs. Bunn and Mr. Pecone for volunteering to drive and chaperone the field trip!!
Pictures will be posted soon in the album. 
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE read the GRACEPOINT Newsletter located on the school website!  You will find lots of information to keep you in the know:)
** If you haven't signed the Student/Parent Handbook - PLEASE DO!!
 Signature Required: 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook

Parents, you may access our 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook on the GRACEPOINT website under Parent Central. There you will also see a link to an Acknowledgment Form.
After reviewing the Handbook, please sign the Acknowledgement Form and return the form to school with your student, or email a scanned copy to
Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me each day - Love them to pieces!!

This Week

I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Fall Break!
Now back to school...! :)

We will begin this week with a field trip on Tuesday to the Funk Heritage Museum to learn more about our native Americans that settled here many years ago. PLEASE remember to send your child a snack and water bottle to eat safely in the car on the way there. Also, if you want your child to shop at the museum, please send no more than $10 in a Ziploc bag with their name on it. In a separate bag send the money for their Chick-fa-la lunch if your child is buying, if not send a lunch box.

This week in math we will start reviewing 2 digit SUBTRACTION with regrouping.
We will continue working on Parts of Speech in Language Arts: Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives, with a SWYK on Friday. No new fictional story this week.

In my Reading class, I will introduce and review the soft g with Gentle Cindy.

Another GREAT week!

The kids all did great on their Muggie Maggie S.W.Y.K this week. I am so proud of them :)
   We started a new short story in ELA, Rigby and Rosie, please ask your student about the first half of the story. I will be sending home vocab. for the story for your child to study next week. We will finish the story on Monday and review, our S.W.Y.K will be on Friday. In Social Studies we are leaning about the Southwest and Plains American Indian Regions. We will be reviewing these two regions this week and have a S.W.Y.K on Friday. In writing we are working to write expanded complete sentences while writing stories. We have been reviewing parts of speech: nouns, verbs, and adjectives. 
   We will be going on a field trip to Heritage Funk Center Tuesday, Oct. 2. This will be a great time for the students to connect their learning in S.S. about the Native American Heritage. More information will be coming home this week about our trip. If anyone would like to volunteer to drive please email me and let me know.
  The students have been working hard to fill their pom pom Jar. The jar is almost filled!! We will be having our pom pom celebration this Wednesday. The students will be able to wear a Crazy Hat to school Wednesday.  I will send home more information Monday on this special day.