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Mrs. Youmans' Blog

Janice Youmans serves as a third grade teacher at GRACEPOINT School. She received a Bachelor in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from the University of South Florida.

Her first years of teaching were in the migrant fields of Florida and the Cajun lands of Louisiana.  After taking a 17 year break to raise their children, Janice spent 11 years teaching 2nd grade at Wood Acres School in East Cobb.  In 2010 Janice began her training in Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading and she completed the Complete Reading Series in 2012.  She taught for 2 years at the Swift School for Dyslexia in Roswell, Georgia before coming to Gracepoint School in 2014.  She has a Classroom Educators certification with the OG academy.

Janice and her husband Ed have 3 adult children. Janice attends the North River Church of Christ where she enjoys teaching in the children's ministry. Janice and her husband Ed enjoy cycling together. She also loves to swim, watch the Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Braves. Janice's dream to help struggling readers is sparked by her love for reading as a child, and desires for all children to feel comfortable in their reading ability so that someday they will feel confident to read God's word.



Recent Posts

Week of January 21/MLK Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their MLK Day!  I am so thankful for the legacy Dr. King left us, and the example for us to follow in our daily walk.
This week is a bit shorter, but still with some important lessons:
My Reading group:  After learning that -ow makes the long sound of o, we will now review all the options learned so far of spelling the long o.
Math:  We will continue with multiplication and division of the 9 facts.  I hope you are using the flash cards we've made, but now the students know a mental math trick to knowing their x9 facts along with the finger trick.
Language Arts:  we will continue working with verb tenses with a SWYK on Friday.
Social Studies:  Weren't those tests that came home Friday amazing?  We will continue this week learning about the Southern and Mid-Atlantic colonies.  Watch for their binders to come home to reread the selections.
Writer's Workshop:  We will continue writing Informative pieces, this week on MLK.  They completed their "Chameleon" piece last week in class.  They were awesome!
Enjoy your week and stay WARM!

Week of January 14

Dear Parents,
We finished our first week of 2019!  Your child was asked on Friday to come up with a "Word of the Year" to focus on.  Please ask them what they chose!  My word is: "Intentional".
This week looks like this:
Language Arts:  We will begin learning and reviewing Verb Tenses for the next 2 weeks.  This will help in our sentence & paragraph writings.
Writer's Workshop: We will continue to work on Opinion vs Facts in our Informative writings.  We will begin talking  about a new project, stay tuned for a little help from home on that one!
Math: We will begin x9 multiplication and division facts this week!  Please look for index cards to come home to practice these facts, as before.
Social Studies:  We will continue with the colonies, focusing on the New England region.  Look for their binders to come home this week to review and study for a SWYK on Friday.
My Reading Group:  We will begin a new vowel team of -ow=long o sound as in SNOW, it would be nice to have some real snow to go along with this!
FYI:  Please take note of the upcoming GP Gala and begin purchasing your tickets.  The third grade teachers are coming up with some new ideas for a basket to auction off for our child's enjoyment!!

It was a Merry Christmas at GP school.  Thanks to all the moms that participated in making our party a success!  Thank you also for your thoughtfulness in gifts, cards and gift money.
Our end of the year Pom Pom party was a blast.  We already have a head start innto the new year with 14+ Pom Poms in our jar!!

Week of January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing holiday break, as I did!
Now back to school!
We want to welcome our new student...Liam Gallagher to class on Monday!  Liam shadowed with us this  last fall.  We look forward to his "House Reveal"  Monday at Pledge and Prayer time.
This week includes....
Language Arts:  We will begin reading a new informative story in our "Imagine It!"  books called A Small Place in a Tree.   You will see the vocabulary and books coming home on Monday and Tuesday to reread with your child.  This will lend itself into our Writer's Workshop piece on informative writing that we will begin this week.
Math:  we will review the x2, x5, x10 on Monday and continue with the Properties of Identity (x1) and of Zero.  Please assist your child with making the Woodin Math flash cards that they do not finish in class, and use this for fluency practice at home.
Social Studies:  We will begin a new unit on the Colonization of America this week.  Be looking for homework on Wednesday when we introduce the vocabulary.
In my Reading class:  we will review Tiger words and all vowel teams that we've learned.  I am encouraging that my reading students READ 20 minutes a night.  Look for statics coming home in their blue fluency folder on Monday.  This may be through Learning Alley or a book of their choosing.
A few New Year reminders;
-please sign their agenda each night, this helps me to know that you are aware of their homework.
-send in a healthy snack and water bottle...ESPECIALLY on Fridays when you do not have to pack a lunch. (don't forget to sign up for Fun Friday lunch through Renweb.)
-Label all jackets and especially GP out wear.
Please join with me in welcoming Liam and his family to our GP community!
Janice Youmans

Oops, one more thing...
The K9 Pup will be here on Thursday to listen to the students read, please help your child pick and practice a SHORT passage to read on Thursday.

Week of December 17

Well, it's the last week of school for this year!  
I know the atmosphere will be jolly...and perhaps distracted, and rightly so as we all plan, prepare, and anticipate a fun holiday season with family and friends!
But, as I'm accustomed to doing, here is a sneak peek at our week...
Language Arts & Writing:  we will be reading a fun holiday story about Olive the reindeer and writing sentences with prepositions as well as a story of our own!  Be on the look out for their snow stories to come home this week, you may wish to hang them on your tree!
Math:  We will apply the multiplication x10 to money facts and word problems this week.
Social Studies: No need to study this week, our explorers are complete. After a visit last week by a former pilgrim (Tattling Tales Production Cathy Kaemmerlen), we will wait to the New Year to begin studying the thirteen colonies!
My Reading group:  We will continue to review and spell words that make the long a sound: a-e, a open syllable, -ay, and -ai vowel teams.
(I believe you will see a minimum of homework this week!)
Wednesday we will be having a Pom Pom party for filling up our jar of compliments and brain explosions!  Look for details coming home on Tuesday.
Friday is a half day, with a Christmas party, planned by the room moms of 1-3rd grade.  Dismissal will be at noon.
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Week of December 10
As you can see, we had a great experience with Tattling Tales Production learning about Hernando Desoto!
This week:
Social Studies;  You will be seeing Desoto's story coming home to review before the test on Tuesday, (earlier than usual.)
Math:  We will continue with multiplication x10 the Woodin Math way!
Language Arts, we will review Desoto during part of this time and continue with prepositional phrases.
Writer's Workshop:  We will be starting a new narrative, based on those warm winter clothes they wore to school last week!
My Reading Group:  we will review ways to spell the long a and I will introduce a new way...vowel team -ai as in bait.
Please stayed alert to emails from 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade room moms about the upcoming combined Christmas party on Friday 21st 10:30-11:45.
Thank you for your continual support, teaching your child is the joy of my week!!
Week of December 3
Welcome December 2018!
Here's how our week looks;
Writer's Workshop:  Your child has already started writing their favorite things about December, as we continue to practice paragraph writing.
Language Arts:  this week we will review prepositions and write holiday sentences with prepositional phrases.  You may see a little homework come home to review with your child, and a small SWYK on Friday.
Math We will continue to practice x5 facts. We are also relating this to telling the time by the five minutes. As the weather changed last week, we were able to go out and jump our facts!   
Social Studies:  We will continue learning about DeSoto, as Tattling Tale Productions comes on Wednesday with a visit from Hernando DeSoto.
My Reading Group: we will continue to practice the vowel team -oa and decide which long o words are spelled with it verses long -o syllable words and o-e words.
The K9 pup comes this Thursday!  Please help your child pick a story passage and practice it for fluency!
Be watching for info to come your way from room moms about how you can help with our Holiday party!
Week of November 26
Wasn't Gracepoint's first Fall Festival AWESOME!
I can't wait till next years!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Now back to school...
Language Arts:  This week we will read from  our Imagine It!  books, a story called Teammates.  Look for vocabulary and books to come home  a few nights this week, with a SWYK on Friday.
Social Studies:  We will begin learning about a new explorer:  Hernando Desoto, look for the vocabulary and story to come home this week and next.  
Math:  We will begin our x5 facts this week, the "Woodin Math" way!  They are do amazing with this new curriculum that was made especially for our kind of learners!
My Reading group:  We will review the first few days back, then on to learning the vowel team of -oa that says long o.
Let's have a great week back!!
Janice Youmans
Congratulations to Birdie Clare Powell!
Saturday Mrs. Eisele and I had the joy to watch Birdie Clare Powell perform in the musical production of the Aristocats.  She was awesome and adorable!