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Summer Reading & Math Assignments


This year’s Summer Reading assignment is required for all RISING 2nd– 8thgrade students. 

Students will read at least ONE assigned book and complete an accompanying assignment which will be assigned by their Language Arts Teacher.

During the last week of school, all students received the assignment with book choices. Each grade level will provided a list of books varying in reading level as well as interest. We strongly encourage both you and your child to look through each of the book choices in order to make the best decision for your child. 

In addition to reading at least ONE book this Summer, students will complete ONE assignment.  This assignment will be due on Friday, August 16th.  This required assignment will count as a grade based on the grade level.

  *Please note, all books are available on Learning Ally. Hard-copies of books may also be checked out at the public library and/or purchased. 

We will have extra copies of the Summer Reading Assignments available in the event they are lost or misplaced over the summer. Please email Lynda Guthrie, language arts department chair, at  if you need an extra copy emailed to you.



This year’s Summer Math Assignment is required for all rising 2nd-8th grade students.


Students will complete adaptive practice on based on pre-tests taken in specific areas of math. Please DO NOT provide assistance as the work will become harder without the student understanding the concepts fully. is an adaptive program which will give students an opportunity to work at their level. This wonderful feature will accelerate students into new topics when they are ready or remediate when they are having difficulties. If the student answers a question incorrectly, they are given another opportunity to answer. If they still don’t get the answer correct, a link to a video pops up giving instruction on how to complete that problem. The students enjoy earning coins and dressing up their avatar as well as leveling up as they master a skill. There is also a “read to” feature for reading help.


You will see a grade specific tracking log for completing questions on for the Summer Math Assignment. Each box is an area for your student to write in which day that section was completed with at least 3 sections to be completed per topic over the course of the summer. As pictured on the sheet, the student will click on the picture of the section and complete 10 problems (this is one section or box to be filled in on the check sheet). In addition to completing each section, the students should also sharpen and retain their basic math facts. There are 9 boxes/days to complete over the course of the summer.


It is recommended to complete fact practice at least once per week, on average, and 2-3 sections of the different skills. This gives the students an opportunity to keep the skills from being lost over the summer and not waiting until the last minute to complete. Completion will only help your child as the new school year begins. Completion will count as a grade for the upcoming school year.


This summer all students in grades 2nd– 8th should complete math assignments online. Your child’s math teacher will see their progress. The more practice your child does, the better prepared he/she will be at the beginning of the school year.


If you have any questions, please email Amy Benton, math department chair, at