GRACEPOINT-The Next Chapter

The GRACEPOINT Board of Directors and Administration have been actively pursuing new property over the past two years. They have long recognized the limited potential for growth and the need for more space for our current students at our Piedmont location. After much searching, we currently have a pending purchase agreement with Must Ministries. One of the many steps in this process was the rezoning of this property on Cobb Parkway.  We have seen God’s hand at work over this entire process including the great news received Wednesday night, March 9 that the City Council has approved the rezoning of the Must Ministries property for a school. 
Please be aware that we have not communicated publicly about the purchase as the process to acquire the building has not been finalized.  Our closing is still contingent on a 30 day appeal period for the approved rezoning received on March 9.  Unbeknownst to us, the following article was published on March 12 in The Marietta Daily Journal. Although the “cat is out of the bag” in regards to the pending purchase, we still fully intend to announce all the exciting details related to our new home and bright future once we close on the property.