8th Grade 2020-21

Hello Everyone,
I am so excited to have the 8th grade for most of their day. This part of the blog is just my page of posting what will be going on generally in our class. As a class, we will post class pictures and some videos here periodically. The subjects and assignments will be on each designated page. 
Google classroom will be my main communication for my students. Parents will be invited to join our google classroom forum but will have a different perspective than the student page. Students can share their google classroom info with their parents in order to see what the student sees.
By 8th grade, my main goal is to prepare your student for high school academically, advocacy skills, emotional strategies, and study skills. Parents, please allow your student to begin advocating for themselves. If a student has a question for the teacher please encourage them to email the teacher. This will help build their language, writing, and technology skills. If you have a question for the teacher please feel free to email the teacher.
I am very excited about this coming year,