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Flu Season is Upon Us...Important Info

As we move into the winter months, Cobb & Douglas Public Health has asked us to share information regarding the growing number of flu cases in our community and school systems. Overall, Georgia is seeing an earlier start to the flu season, and the health department anticipates little natural immunity due to the light flu season last year. Locally, they are also seeing some early flu clusters in K-12 and university settings.  There is a growing concern due to the low number of people who are already vaccinated for the flu. Please review the following information from our local health department.

A Message for Georgia Business Owners

There is a significant new double-tax benefit for pass-through businesses contributing to Georgia GOAL in 2022. Georgia GOAL provides tuition assistance to GRACEPOINT students through the redirection of your tax dollars. If you are a small business owner, here is a short video to explain the positive impact a business can have through this program in 2022 by contributing up to 75% of its annual Georgia income tax liability to GOAL.

Check out our 2 HOUSE Competitions!

Who is leading our Annual Fund HOUSE contests? We will announce our winners when we return in January! The house with the highest parent participation will have an inflatable obstacle course party! AND the house that raises the most money will win a movie & popcorn party! Keep reading to see who is in the lead!

How YOU can help students attend GRACEPOINT!

Every year there are dyslexic learners who could greatly benefit from an education at GRACEPOINT but do not have the financial means to do so. Did you know you can redirect your tax dollars to help one of these students? At $0 cost to you, this tax credit program allows you to have a say in where your tax dollars are spent. This program is a crucial part of tuition assistance at GRACEPOINT and we need your help!

Getting Ready for Christmas!

In December, our GRACEPOINT Warriors showed their Christmas spirit by decking the halls, caroling at carpool, exercising "holiday" style, and more!

Chapel-A Message of PEACE for GRACEPOINT!

Weekly chapel is a very important part of fulfilling our mission at GRACEPOINT. Our Director of Student Life, Kevin Williams, shared a message of peace in December that is applicable to how we handle our burdens all year long. Take a few minutes to listen and be sure to ask your student about the visual of holding a water bottle.

Uniform Guidelines for Cold Weather!

Parents, there is a chill in the air, and we want to make sure our students dress warmly! If it is 32 degrees or below students are required to wear long sleeves, long pants, or tights with skorts, shorts, and dresses. Tights should be white, navy or black. GRACEPOINT sweatshirts should be worn inside if needed, but other outerwear should only be worn outside the building.

A Sneak Peek of HOUSE Time!

Every Friday at GRACEPOINT we gather in houses for activities! This Friday we will be using our time to serve Piedmont Church. Check out this video for a sneak peek!
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