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GRACEPOINT School A place where the teaching style meets the needs of the dyslexic learner while bringing out their brilliance

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Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The GRACEPOINT Annual Fund helps to provide enhancements that make our school an excellent place for students to learn.  The Annual Fund supplements the operating budget and provides student enrichment opportunities not funded through tuition.  We look forward to continuing our mission of providing an excellent education for the dyslexic learner while enriching and accelerating the students in their areas of strength. 

Why give to the Annual Fund?

Reaching a participation rate of 100% shows that our families are dedicated to the mission of GRACEPOINT. Once we have 100% participation from our staff and families we are in a great position to apply for grants to help our school.  One of the first questions asked by many foundations is how well we are supported by our own community. This is how your gift plants a seed, allowing our fund to grow!


Ways to Give!

Donate Online Here 

Mail a check:   GRACEPOINT School, 570 Piedmont Rd Marietta, GA  30066