A Parent's Perspective

Gracepoint Commercial from IE Studios on Vimeo.


Dyslexia…I knew that my child was struggling with reading, but was not prepared for those words from the psychologist.  Dyslexia…a learning disability resulting in a difficulty with reading and language.  My child was bright and very intelligent, but felt inadequate in a traditional school.  I knew there must be something better.

Then I found out about GRACEPOINT – a Christian school for dyslexia.  When I visited the school, I was surprised to see the children starting the day with a morning run.  The staff at the school explained that physical movement awakens the brain and prepares it for learning.  Not only do the students run each morning, but exercise breaks are scattered throughout the day in between each class period.

GRACEPOINT is a specialized school working with students using the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction.  During my visit, I saw the pillars the instruction is built upon in action.  God is the head of a strong foundation and upon that foundation, students learn through a multi-sensory, active approach where they become confident learners and develop quality product from their learning.  The school works to remediate students in the area of reading while enriching and accelerating students in their areas of giftedness. It was obvious that GRACEPOINT is following God’s lead on a path of excellence.

Wow!  Creative instruction in a nurturing environment is possible for my struggling learner!  My final quest on my visit was to ask the parents and students their thoughts about GRACEPOINT.  I heard statements from parents such as

“GRACEPOINT has given my child the confidence she needs to continue on in life”

“Students are flourishing due to the teaching methods being used”

“I feel the love of God through the teachers and staff as they make my child feel special”

Students also realize how much  GRACEPOINT has helped them.  I heard students say, “my time at GRACEPOINT has been life-changing and phenomenal”,  “it’s helped me a lot” and “I didn’t  like to read, but now I want to read just for fun”.

GRACEPOINT –  I’ve made my decision – this is where my child belongs.  This is a place that changes children’s lives; a place where the teaching style meets the needs of the dyslexic learner while bringing out their brilliance.  GRACEPOINT, a school enabling the students to reach out and become the person that God created them to be.