GA Goal Private School Tax Credit

Do you have questions about GA Goal?  Watch this video to walk through the entire process:

How to contribute and receive a GOAL Tax Credit!

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Submit your 2022 GOAL Tax Credit Form today online by visiting

Your participation is more valuable than ever!

 Invest in the GRACEPOINT community and help provide student scholarships by simply contributing to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program for a 100% Georgia income tax credit. You will make a positive impact on our school, in our community, and across our state!

This valuable Georgia law is a rare and precious opportunity provided to us by our state legislators. The tax credit program has become so popular the cap was raised from $58 million to $100 million in the Spring of 2018 when Governor Deal signed House Bill 217.   The signing of House Bill 217

Your participation will allow us to admit excellent, deserving student applicants to our school. We ask that you “go for the GOAL” and help us continue to empower students to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Tax Credit Limits Based on Filing Status

  • Single or head of household – up to $1,000
  • Married couple filing a joint return – up to $2,500
  • Married couple filing a separate return – up to $1,250
  • S corporation shareholder, LLC member, or partnership partner – up to $10,000
  • C corporation or Trust – up to 75% of annual Georgia income tax liability

How to Contribute & Take the Tax Credit

1)      Apply Now (GOAL will continue to submit any tax credit applications that come through its website until we are notified that the 2022 cap has been reached.)

Complete the 2022 GOAL Tax Credit Application today at (takes just 20 seconds!).

2)      GOAL Submits to DOR.

On the first business day of January 2022, GOAL begins submitting applications to the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR).

3)      Approved to Contribute.

GOAL and DOR notify you of tax credit approval and amount in January/February 2022.

4)      Make Payment.

Pay GOAL by check or credit card within 60 days of DOR approval (mid-March 2022).

5)      Take the Credit.

In May, GOAL will send you a Form IT-QEE-SSO1 (tax receipt) for claiming the credit on your 2022 Georgia income tax return (Note: you will take the credit when you file your 2022 taxes in April of 2023).

How does GA Goal work?

Please contact Kyle Bice at with any questions. Thank you for your support of GRACEPOINT School!

Read here as a GRACEPOINT parents shares their appreciation for the GA Goal Scholarship fund.

"My husband and I knew our daughter needed what GRACEPOINT offered, but we had no idea how we could make it happen financially. Our prayer was that if it was God’s plan for her to be there that he would open doors and provide a way. Georgia GOAL was a huge part of the answer and we are so thankful. GRACEPOINT has been life changing in our daughter’s education journey.”



"My daughter spent the first part of second grade crying every morning when she had to go to school. She had always loved school but now she had fallen too far behind. During this time, we discovered she has Dyslexia and in turn, we heard about GRACEPOINT. We had never planned on private school.  But through the process, we learned she needed GRACEPOINT, a private school with private school tuition. I was just a public school teacher and our family did not know how God was going to make a way, but we knew He would. The Georgia GOAL scholarship for our family was an answer to prayer. The Georgia GOAL scholarship is the ONLY way our daughter could attend GRACEPOINT. It was the way God showed us we were on the right path, His path and plan for her.   GRACEPOINT is the school environment she needed to thrive! She loves school again and I am so thankful.  She is reading more than I ever imagined and is so confident. GRACEPOINT has been life-changing for my daughter and our family, and it was all made possible because of people who participated in Georgia GOAL."