Whit Molnar, 2020 Recipient of HOC Young Heart Award


When GRACEPOINT student, Whit Molnar, was just 5 years old, his parents helped him run a Lemonade & Cookie Stand in an effort to teach him about money. As most 5-year-old children, he did not understand why it didn't just appear whenever you wanted it. He had questions about giving money to the church and how he could get his own money to buy things. Soonasummerdayin2012, Whit served his first customer and ended the day with a profit of $400. Mom gave him $5 for his hard work, and the rest was donated to The Open Door Children's Home.

The next summer, Whit asked his parents if he could continue his Lemonade & Cookie Stand. Mom and Dad were thrilled at his request, knowing it would teach him that earning money comes through hard work, and once the money is earned, there are choices to be made on how you spend your money.

Every year since then, Whit’s parents have given him more responsibility. They start preparing about 2 weeks in advance. Along with iced cold lemonade, frozen lemonade has become very popular with the kids. Whit offers several varieties of homemade cookies, rice krispy treats, and brownies and even does “to go” orders. For customers that give $25 or more, Whit thanks them with homemade chocolate covered pretzels. Honeymoon Bakery, a local bakery in Rome, donates cookies every year now because the demand is so great. The sale

has grown every year and the community support is amazing. This summer, Whit did not allow the rain to stop him. After learning of the dreary forecast, he opened up a drive thru
service. Whit kept $20 for his work at his Lemonade & Cookie Stand, and donated the rest of the earnings which came to $5000.

Over the past 8 years, Whit has raised over $38,000, all given to The Open Door Home. Whit wants to continue his Lemonade & Cookie Stand until he goes to college.

The mission of the Open Door Clinic Home located in Rome, Georgia is to

provide for the needs of the dependent, neglected, and/or abused children

of Northwest Georgia and help them to live a healthier, happier and more productive life.