Instructions for Zoom video conferencing tool


Please review the attached written directions (with screenshots) and the linked videos for how to access Zoom as a video conferencing tool for distance learning during this time. Just as it does during a usual school day, the technology that students utilize will vary between Lower School (grades 1-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8).


Students using iPads:

Please plug in the iPad overnight so that it can sync and download the Zoom app remotely. Please contact Emmie Whitney ( if you cannot find the Zoom app.


OG Reading Classes: [All students who are not in a Morphology class]

Students will access OG Reading classes using the Zoom app on iPads. The attached document “Zoom iPad App Written Directions” and the video Zoom App (iPad) Walkthrough both show steps to log in and navigate Zoom on the iPads.


Morphology and Middle School Classes:

Students will use their laptops to access Zoom for class sessions with teachers. The attached document “Zoom PC Written Directions” and the video  "Zoom on PC (Laptop) Walkthrough"  both show steps to login and navigate Zoom on PCs.



Emmie Whitney

Technology Director


(678) 709-6634