Submit your 2021 GOAL Tax Credit Today!

So, the taxpayer will submit his or her 2021 tax credit application to GOAL. Then, GOAL will take care of every remaining step, and will remind the taxpayer when action is required. Each step in the process is outlined below:

  1. GOAL Submits Taxpayer Application to DOR: GOAL submits the taxpayer's request for a 2021 tax credit to the DOR on the first business day of January 2021.
  2. DOR Informs Taxpayer of Approval: Taxpayer receives a DOR Approval Letter within 30 days after GOAL submits the application, indicating the amount for which he or she is approved and the deadline for making payment to GOAL.
  3. DOR Informs GOAL of Taxpayer Approval: GOAL also receives notice of taxpayer's DOR approval, and GOAL will email taxpayer detailed instructions regarding payment deadline and options.
  4. Taxpayer Makes Payment to GOAL: When notified of DOR approval (by DOR Approval Letter or email from GOAL), taxpayer must submit payment to GOAL before his or her 60-day payment deadline.
  5. GOAL Emails Taxpayer Tax Receipt: GOAL will send taxpayer Form IT-QEE-SSO1 (tax receipt) for claiming the credit on his or her 2021 Georgia income tax return.
  6. Taxpayer Claims Georgia Income Tax Credit: When taxpayer files their 2021 taxes in 2022, he or she will take a 100% Georgia income tax credit. Tax filing guidance is available on GOAL's website.