Virtual Learning Reminders


Schedule and Expectations

  • Students must follow the schedule sent by their teacher. This helps provide a secure routine and set expectations.
  • Your child should wear their school uniform. Remember they can wear navy spirit wear shirts on Wednesday and HOUSE t-shirts on Friday.
  • No hats, masks, costumes, gum chewing, eating, playing with toys during “school” time.
  • If your child currently takes medication for ADHD, please make sure they continue this routine.

Home Learning Space

(the more the environment feels like school, the more children will take learning at home seriously)

  • Your child’s home “school area” should be in a quiet location without other distractions and noise. (no pets, siblings, TV etc.)
  • It is essential your child sit at a table or desk in a chair appropriate for their size. (sitting on the couch or laying on the bed is not appropriate for “school” time)


Zoom Teaching Sessions (mandatory unless your child is ill)

  • Please be on time. We take attendance – this is still officially “school” and we document the instructional- time so we are in compliance with accreditation.
  • Please make sure your child goes to the bathroom and has a snack/breakfast before a live lesson presentation.
  • No cell phones should be brought to online sessions.
  • Your child should ask permission to leave the teaching session. It is not appropriate for them to get up and leave the “class” session unless there is a true emergency. (they would not do this if they were in the classroom)
  • If a child’s actions are inappropriate and distracting during a live session, the teacher will remove them from the session by muting the video, so they will not keep others from learning.


Work Completion Expectations

  • We still expect your children to complete all classwork/homework assignments as if they were still in our building. (If students do not complete their assignments it causes delays for moving forward in our scope and sequence and it makes it difficult for the other students who have completed their assigned work.)
  • We expect all grade levels who use an agenda at school to continue to use their agendas at “home school.” This is a life habit and helps with time management and self -awareness, accountability and responsibility.
  • We are doing our students an injustice if we don’t hold them accountable during this unusual and challenging time for all of us.