Check out our 2 HOUSE Competitions!

Why is participation important?

A high participation rate shows that you believe in the life-changing work happening at GRACEPOINT! Foundations love to see that their investment will multiply the amazing work already being done!

Due to our high participation rate over the last 6 years, over $22,000

has been received in charitable grants since our Annual Fund began. This is how your donations GROW!  Let's keep our % high and we should see this $ amount increase substantially in the coming months!


The House (or Houses!) with the highest parent participation will win:

(***every house COULD win this party!!!)

Inflatable Slide/Obstacle Course Party!

Why is our $100k goal important?

When unexpected expenses arise, it is the generous donations to the Annual Fund that have allowed GRACEPOINT to continue to thrive and be DEBT-FREE! With gifts to the Annual Fund our specialized school is able to:

  • provide every student with their own device,
  • increase the amount of professional development provided to teachers
  • make yearly renovations to our building and classrooms to keep up with our changing student population.
money raised

The House with the highest amount raised will win:

Movie & Popcorn Party!


Click HERE to participate and help your HOUSE win!