2024 is a BIG year for GRACEPOINT!

There will be a STEAM classroom, larger art and music classrooms, two Speech Language rooms, a middle school “hangout” room, and a GRACEPOINT News-technology lab. The children can spread out and learn to read, write, and decode. They can also celebrate all of their creative dyslexic strengths in unique designated spaces like never before.

At the heart of GRACEPOINT School is its desire to grow servant leaders and service to the Christian faith and the Lord Jesus Christ. At the center of faith is prayer and worship. A larger gathering space (Hipp Hall) will allow the school community to come together to pray and worship.  This is a true gift from God and a key component of our mission statement.

Along with school-wide daily gatherings for pledge and prayer and weekly gatherings for chapel, this large space will be an opportunity to strengthen our bond by allowing the entire GRACEPOINT community (students, staff, and parents) to hold events that currently must be planned for outdoors only.

new gracepoint building