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GRACEPOINT School A place where the teaching style meets the needs of the dyslexic learner while bringing out their brilliance

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Mrs. Guice's Blog

I am thrilled to be teaching at GRACEPOINT School. My name is Holly Guice and I have the pleasure and honor of teaching Reading, 4th grade Math, and Music here at GRACEPOINT. I received my degree in Early Childhood Education from The University of Georgia and have been Orton Gillingham trained. I have taught Pre-K and 2nd grade, as well as ESL and conversational English in Thailand and Azerbaijan from 2001 to 2011. My husband, Merril, and three children live in Dallas, GA and oldest son attends UGA in Athens.


Recent Posts

October 29 Week

Reading- -ng and nk final sound. Work with magnets, elkonin board. Don't
forget to read passage sent home as well as review red words. Red Word assessment this week. 
Math- Area Model of Multiplication. Don't forget to check Freckle Math for assigned homework. 
Music- Begin working on Thanksgiving Songs! 

October 22 Week

Reading-Closed syllable Review, tch, and dge spelling rules
Don't forget those Cheers!
"One syllable, One short vowel, ends in /j/ it's a dge!"
"One syllable, One short vowel, ends in /ch/, it's a tch!"
"Vowel closed up on the end and it's short!"
Math- Word Problems Continue. Check out the Interactive Notebooks for 8 step in solving a word problem. Begin Multiplications strategies. We will begin with Area Model.
Music- Grandparent's Day is this week! Let's get ready! I know you will shine for Him!

October 15 Week

Reading- Reviewing Magic E words
Don't forget to keep reading your passages each evening and reviewing your red words! 
Math- Adding and Subtracting Decimals-Working with Word Problems too! Don't forget to line up the decimals and whole numbers! 
Music- Improvising with Music (Jazz)
Tempo in Music, Rhythmic Patterns in a measure of 4/4
Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes
Recorder Fun with 3rd and 4th Graders
Instruments in China-Learning a little Madarin
Preparing for Grandparent's Day!