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Mrs. Shannon Hipps » Mrs. Hipps' Blog

Mrs. Hipps' Blog

Shannon Hipps is a Reading and 5th grade Math teacher at GRACEPOINT School.  She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia.  Prior to GRACEPOINT, she taught kindergarten and first grade for nine years at Eastside Christian School.  Mrs. Hipps is a classroom certified Reading teacher with the Academy of Orton Gillingham.  She is a native of Tennessee and lives in West Cobb with her husband. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading a good book. Mrs. Hipps and her family attend North Metro Church in Marietta, Georgia.


March 22, 2020

Fourth Grade Math
There will be a Freckle fact practice assignment on each student's dashboard daily.  Also, please plan to complete one page each day of the spiral review sent home on Friday, March 13.  As for new skills being introduced, I will send videos, and practice worksheets the day before the students should do them.  We will plan to ZOOM every Friday at 11:15 am. 

January 13, 2020

Happy New Year! and Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a wonderful break and enjoyed time with family and friends!  
First Block Reading:
We have covered many of the more advanced vowel teams and concepts as well as many base words, prefixes and suffixes.  Most recently we have discovered that que says /k/ just like the letter C or K.  These words are French in origin!
Second Block Reading:
During our time together, we have been working through consonant blends at the beginning of a word.  We see these blends in words like plot, drag or swag.  Continue to practice those red words and reading the nightly passages!
Fourth Grade Math:
Most recently during math in fourth grade we have continued our study of long division.  Please remember to continue to practice those math facts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all helpful to practice! The students have "fact practice" assigned on their Freckle account most nights.  The students also have a practice worksheet to complete most nights as well. 

October 8, 2019

During fourth grade math we are continuing our study of place value! The girls are doing a great job and we will have a quiz in class this Friday, October 11.  Look for the quiz to come home in Thursday folders next week. 
Be on the lookout for ways to use place value in everyday life.  For example, compare prices at the grocery store to discover the greatest value! Look for big numbers in everyday life and have your student practice reading that number to you. 

September 1, 2019

Fourth Grade Math:
The girls had a quiz this past Friday! They did a good job! Look for the quiz to come home in Thursday folders this week as well as some class work and homework. 
Continue to practice those multiplication facts daily! The girls will have a ring in their binder this week with some jingles to help them to practice each multiplication fact family.  Look for it on blue cardstock. 

August 26, 2019

First Block Reading Group:
We are off to a fantastic start! We have been busy reviewing skills learned last spring. We have focused specifically on various vowel teams, the six different types of syllables and strategies used to divide words into syllables.  It is important that the students read the selection sent home every night aloud to an adult.  Have the boys practice the "red words" and read the words we have divided into syllables as well.
Second Block Reading Group:
We are off to a strong start! We have most recently reviewed the consonant sounds we know as well as a couple of vowel sounds as well.  We have a great time using multi-sensory strategies to help us to remember these letters as well as the sounds the different letters make! Continue to read the story sent home each night as well as practicing the "red word". 
Fourth Grade Math:
After spending some time getting to know the students and placing the students in the appropriate math groups, we have begun to settle in and get started with our math lessons! I am excited to see what the year holds for these precious young ladies! We have taken advantage of our subscription to JUMP MATH most recently as we have reviewed using the strategy of counting up/down as we familiarize ourselves with patterns we use on a number line.  I expect to use FRECKLE math often for homework as we practice what we have learned in the classroom.  The students have their log in information on the inside cover of their agenda. I will also send home the occasional worksheet for additional practice too.  Please see the agenda daily to see what the math homework is for that day.