COVID-19/Coronavirus Preparedness Plan

With the news of the virus reaching Cobb County, remote learning plans are being developed in the event that schools are closed. GRACEPOINT will follow the decision of the Cobb County Public School System in regard to closing.

The following procedures for sanitizing classrooms were implemented today at GRACEPOINT:


  • Supervised handwashing for at least 30 seconds with soap and water periodically throughout the day, especially before/after snack and lunch.
  • Teachers will spray Lysol on desk and chair surfaces after each class and allow them to air dry for 3 minutes. Exercise breaks may be utilized during drying times.
  • When using desktops for snack/ lunch, spray with Lysol. Allow 3 minutes to dry and then wipe with a water-dampened, paper towel.
  • Teachers will use Clorox wipes to wipe off light switches, smartboard controls, doorknobs, remote controls, calculators, and anything else that is being used.
  • Manipulatives that are being used in any class should be gathered and sprayed with Lysol and allowed to air dry.
  • Frequent wipe downs/ spraying of all furniture, cabinetry, etc. in the classroom
  • When returning from PE/recess, the teacher will supervise handwashing with soap and water.


*These procedures are supported by the CDC website.

We will continue to send you any updates via e-mail or teacher communications periodically or as information changes!