From the Head of School

ansley DanielAs we enter the 2023-2024 school year, we celebrate the extraordinary growth GRACEPOINT has experienced since we opened in 2012 with four students. This year marks our transition to a freshly renovated building to expand our school and the students that we reach. Being new to GRACEPOINT this past spring, I have already witnessed the unique and incredibly invaluable instructional program our faculty provides our students. With the state of Georgia now recognizing that one in five children have dyslexia, there is a tremendous need for educators to know exactly how to provide specialized reading instruction. GRACEPOINT is a model school, and a new facility will allow us a much better capacity to
host other educators from around our state to share our expertise and make an impact on students outside of our four walls.
As the new Head of School at GRACEPOINT, I am very honored to serve at this distinguished school. My inspiration to become an educator came from my grandmother, Mrs. Eleanor Knox, who served on the City of Decatur School Board for fifteen years. She believed strongly in servant leadership and modeled that every day of her life. As a political science major and former social studies teacher, I am very passionate about the precondition our Founding Fathers set forth for the sustainment of democracy which rests on an educated citizenry. The past few years have been transformational in the world of education. As a principal and now a Head of School, my priorities have shifted quite a bit in the areas of 21st Century careers, environmental sustainability, and the social and emotional well-being of our students. And, the mission of GRACEPOINT remains steady and strong, and I gladly join our cause:

The mission of GRACEPOINT School is to equip dyslexic students with the skills needed to develop into independent and confident learners through sequential, systematic, and multisensory instruction. Our goal is to instill in each child a lifelong desire for growing in wisdom
and gaining knowledge of the Lord so that each may fulfill God's purposes and bring glory to Him.

I feel incredibly blessed to have joined GRACEPOINT School, and my family and I are all in for serving this exceptional student body and the GRACEPOINT family! My husband, Kevin, is also an educator
who served the Cobb County School District for thirty years as a teacher, principal, Assistant Superintendent, and Chief of Staff. Our sons, Nicholas and George, have grown up with parents who prioritize educational engagement and a community-service-based school/family culture every day! We are also passionate about helping animals and our environment. As the world seeks new ways to make our communities cleaner and more sustainable, my family will work with the GRACEPOINT family to do our part in prioritizing a greener daily impact on this planet. With God's help, we can make a difference for each child at GRACEPOINT, our families, and the betterment of our community!
With gratitude for this opportunity to serve,

Ansley Knox Daniel, Ph.D.
Head of School